The Home Improvement Crusade

The house my boyfriend and I rent is a complete fixer-upper. At first, this seemed like such a fun thing; being able to update as we feel necessary and ultimately increase the value of the home. Just as soon as we got started on some improvements, it quickly became apparent the endless amount projects this house needed.

To start off, every wall in the house needed to be painted. This was fun, being able to start with a blank canvas essentially and choose the colors. We still aren’t quite finished painting, with just the kitchen left. I’m thinking a nice yellow shade…

Then the bathrooms were the next crucial item on the list. They were carpeted! This was so strange, it needed to be fixed right away. We ended up getting some inexpensive laminate adhesive tiles and easily (with minor roadblocks) re-floored the two small bathrooms.

Moving outside, the grass was left for dead and all that remained were ugly, overgrown junipers lining every square foot of the fencing and up against the house. Our yard is decent size, and has a lot of potential, but it is a train wreck right now. We had a friend who was looking for an odd job to earn some money, so we gladfully “let” him help us rip up all of the junipers.

With times being tough right now for some, it may be a win-win situation for you and a friend with valuable skills. Another family friend who does lighting was looking for some work and we badly needed lighting! For some reason, the house was built without any overhead lighting (minus the kitchen and dining room). He is helping us install ceiling fan light fixtures in the two bedrooms and some track lighting in the office. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be done with lamps!

Each small step we take in making the house look better is very satisfying, but sometimes it gets overwhelming with everything I want to do. I just have to tell myself that it is going to take time, we can’t get it all done in one weekend. I am starting to learn that every project will inevitably take longer than you think, no matter how simple it seems! I just wanted to share some ways we are fixing up our house, and how much more enjoyable a place it is to live.

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