Efficient Lot Traceability

I was just given the opportunity to help improve my company’s internal database in order to trace our entire inventory better.  We are upgrading from a pretty old program that runs on the infamous blue screen. It will also give us the chance to organize all of our data into one program, accessible across our multiple locations.

Effective daily tracking of a product is a necessity, especially in food manufacturing. Certain laws and regulations require accurate inventory tracking. In the event of a recall, being able to quickly and completely track the product can make or break your company.

Manual record keeping can be a big challenge because it takes a lot of time, money, space, and upkeep, not to mention the inevitable human errors that occur. Luckily we have computers! After you get past the initial software costs, an automated tracking system has many benefits:

Quick Access to Product Information – Provides accurate information storage, including lot number, location, date, weight, origin, etc.

Decreases Human Error – Eliminates incorrect product picking and reduces manual data entry, which is prone to errors.

Accurate Costing Information – Assists in selling and assessing inventory by tracing various products as they move through the production line.

Improved Quality Control – Helps maintain a quality product by tracking raw materials all the way to finished goods.

Integrated Communication – All departments (purchasing, shipping, manufacturing, customer service, sales, quality assurance/control, etc.) have easy access to and retrieval of all relevant information from one source.

Companies are being held increasingly accountable for tracking a particular lot of an item, along with maintaining superior quality control. Automated lot traceability software makes this possible and is very cost-effective.

I am very excited for the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of pretty much everything we do at my work. Not only will this upgrade bring my company into the 21st century, it has the potential to increase the overall efficiency of the business greatly.

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