Watch Out For Local Deal Events

If you have had any experience taking load after load of yard waste to the dump, you know that it can add up. I have even noticed inconsistencies in the pricing for similar loads. With an almost arbitrary method of pricing, it is only natural to feel mistrustful of the fees. But luckily there are things you can do to avoid paying full price at the dump.

You can find reduced prices, for usually not that much longer of a drive by skipping the local transfer stations and driving directly out to the dump. For Reno, the Lockwood dump is only 10 miles East of the city. There is also the benefit of having more room to maneuver a trailer, as the transfer stations can get pretty tight.  There is usually a smaller line too, if at all.

But even better, you can watch out for specific dates that Waste Management will hold free dump events. This weekend was the first event in Reno this year, and there will be two more in April. If you can take advantage of these events it will save you some money. You can find the specific dates here for reduced pricing at the Reno transfer stations and free dump days in Lockwood.

Other types of events to look out for like this include free entry fee days at places such as parks or museums. For example, the Nevada Museum of Art has free entry on the second Saturday of every month. I even took my dog to the vet on a day they were waiving the clinic fee. I would love to hear of more events like this to watch out for, so please share!

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