Increasing Your Quality of Life Through Efficiency

“Efficiency is intelligent laziness” – David Dunham. I love this quote because I feel like laziness is exactly what drives me to be so efficient. If there is a way to complete a task in less time or by doing less work, I’m on board. But, efficiency is such a broad word. It can take on many different meanings the more specific you get.

Henry Ford's Model T

Henry Ford’s assembly line strategy comes to mind as a great example of efficiency. Overall production efficiency was the goal, but in order to obtain that you must look at each individual piece of the production process. To maximize profits, he had to analyze worker efficiency, machine efficiency, efficient use of resources, etc.

As the saying goes, work smart, not hard. I want to share with you ways that I try to be efficient and also provide you ways you can incorporate efficiency into your own life. Some benefits of living an efficient life include:

  • Cutting costs
  • Having more free time
  • Saving energy
  • Less stress

Needless to say, being more efficient creates a sense of joyfulness and accomplishment. For example, I love home improvement projects. Just last weekend my boyfriend and I installed an over-the-range microwave. We have a small kitchen and not only did it add to the aesthetics, but it cleared off so much counter space. It is much more enjoyable to work in now.

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